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Eufemia is an association for social promotion established in January 2010. We are a team of youth workers focused on youth mobility through Erasmus+, social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities, promoting active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

Our work is directed towards lifelong learning, sustainability and development of digital skills, using methodologies such as: non-formal education, peer-to-peer education and learning by doing. In order to achieve that, we develop educational programs in the European context (especially in the field of Youth within the Erasmus+ program), as well as collaboration with local partners.

Our team has an extensive experience in “Youth in Action” and “Erasmus+” Programme. We are working on project development by hosting projects, as well as coordinating and facilitating the project implementation of our partners.
We have hosted more than 35 projects (TC and YE) and we have developed partnerships with more than 100 other projects. Since 2012, we have hosted 20 and sent abroad more than 60 volunteers (EVS and ESC).

Eufemia participated in more than 150 projects under the framework of Youth in Action and Erasmus+. We have already collaborated as sending, hosting and coordinating organization in various partnerships.

Our most valuable experiences at international level are:

  • A crew for better sailing YouthWork – training course about youth workers personal soft skills and competencies development
  • Games of Trainers – training course about game-based learning as a method to improve youth work
  • You(th) to Change EU – youth exchange on the topic of European Elections, European identity, youth active citizenship and participation
  • Urban Sustainability – promotion of healthy lifestyle and social integration in the urban peripheries through sport and eco-friendly practices
  • Dragtivism – a youth exchange to reflect and act upon LGBTQI+ Rights, Human Rights and artistic ways to perform and stand up for rights in Europe.
  • Think Global, Act Local – promotion of sustainability and eco-friendly practices
  • Signs in Europe I and II – integration of deaf people
  • Youth exchange Eurolys – connecting 2nd war history events in Colle del Lys with present happening
  • Youth Exchange Catch the election bus – getting to know political systems in Turkey and Italy and promotion of active political participation
  • Youth Exchange Cultures’ bridge – Gisr Atakafat social integration and awareness of Islamic religion
  • Youth Exchange Sports for all – integration of people with disabilities
  • Youth Exchange Volunteer? With pleasure! – the importance of being volunteer for your own community
  • Training Course Formally non formal – non formal education in formal contexts – EVS and ESC projects as CO, SO and HO since 2012. We have specific expertise in managing volunteers, supporting young people learning process (also at distance), planning, developing and evaluating educational activities using non formal education approaches and recognizing and disseminate learning outcomes of EVS and ESC volunteers. The projects on local level are promoting European values and opportunities, digital and language skills, facing early school leaving and dropouts, facilitating the youngsters in inclusion and group dynamics, and helping families with social and economic obstacles.