Training of Trainers

The goal of the activity is to equip youth workers and educators with the necessary skills to: understand the principles of gamification (including escape room) and its added value in a cooperative context gamify a learning process use the escape room methodology to include learning content in the game using culture and cultural domains. The tools and the methods that we will use in the TC are themselves part of the TC. Following the learning by doing principles, the participants will learn through the same tool they will be using to teach, combining the theoretical knowledge of the potential of the tool with its practical use.

Participants will have all the skills to carry out offline and online teaching both because the TC contains the information to do so and because they will have lived the experience. Among the competences, participants will obtain a series of methodologies, knowledge of tools and a series of good practices to make the most of digital tools and obtain the skills they need to work better with young people even remotely. Moreover an essential aspect included in the main goal of this activity is that the youth workers and educators need to learn how to work with young people with fewer opportunities, including disabilities.