Training of Trainers

The goal of the activity was to equip youth workers and educators with the necessary skills to:

Understand the principles of gamification (including escape room), its added value in a cooperative context gamify a learning process.

Use the escape room methodology to include learning content in the game using culture and cultural domains.

The tools and the methods that we will use in the TC are themselves part of the TC. Following the learning by doing principles, the participants will learn through the same tool they will be using to teach, combining the theoretical knowledge of the potential of the tool with its practical use.

During the project, we had experienced people presenting the most useful tips about creating the most fun learning adventure.

One of them was Liz Cable, the creator of over 100 escape rooms. She presented us with the basics, the do’s and don’ts when you want to create an educational escape room, what to aim for, and how to make the learning process fun.

More than that, we had two speakers who taught us that you could also create an online escape room without having to know to program and using the most basic application like google forms, videos on Youtube, and images.

After all the learning, the hard work began. The participants formed teams and stayed all day long developing their escape rooms and testing them with the others. We ended with 6 draft versions of escape rooms.