Multiplier Events

To promote the project results, each partner hosted a multiplier event in their community.


The multiplier event in Romania for the Youth Escape Covid project took place on December 21, 2022, in Targu Jiu. The event aimed to showcase the project’s outcomes and promote the use of game-based learning in non-formal education.

The event was attended by educators, youth workers, and representatives from various organizations. The participants had the opportunity to see the materials and puzzles created during the project rooms, and engage in discussions on the potential of game-based learning for fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and socialization.

Overall, the event was a success and contributed to raising awareness about the project’s results and the benefits of game-based learning. Attendees left with a greater appreciation for the potential of games and video games as tools for learning and self-expression, as well as a greater understanding of the importance of gamification. The event was a great example of the power of collaboration and community-building.


The multiplier event has been organised by Associazione Eufemia APS on 12th of January 2023 at 8.30pm at ARIA – Spazi Reali in Corso San Maurizio 4 (Turin), and co-hosted by the city’s municipality (in particular by the welfare and mental health support service, based on the game theme developed by the Italian team – THE WAY I AM) and involved several organisations active in the field of edutainment, game-based learning and mental wellbeing.

The event “Tonight… we play!” was aimed at the target audience of the Youth Escape Covid project, but it was also an important opportunity for families (both parents and children) to dismantle prejudices about games and video games, to discover together their potential as tools for non-formal learning, self-expression, socialisation and getting to know each others.

The event was attended by, among others:

– Martina GULLONE | EduGamer, psychologist – EduGamers for kids

– Pasquale LANNI | Youth worker – Associazione Eufemia APS

– Mauro MAURINO | Social Cooperator – EduGamers for kids

– Cristina SIMONE | Educator – Centre for Relationships and Families of the City of Turin

– Martina TONARELLI | PM – Escape4Change SIaVS srl 

During the event, a gaming zone was also set up where it was possible to test the game THE WAY I AM, created within the YOUTH ESCAPE COVID project, experience educational escape rooms by Associazione Eufemia APS and play, through the use of digital devices, both videogames and the YOUTH ESCAPE GAME app – released within the YEC project.


France – Bordeaux ! The first multiplier event of the project YEC was hold for professionals in the VET sector and working in the field on social and professional inclusion of youngsters with intellectual disabilities . we presented the project, the app and the homepage to do your own educational escape games and we presented our educative escape game on enhancing awareness on disabilities and inclusion of diversity. The professionals who are in direct contact with schools (college and high school) were very interested by our tool and we’ll try to implement our escape game in several schools. 

The second multiplier event was held during a “day for partners”  from the organization IME Pessac Alouette , belonging to a departmental organization in the sector of inclusion of disabilities ADAPEI33. We presented our organization, the project Youth Escape Covid (results and app), and our escape game to partners and youngsters. We presented in doing enigmas of the escape game in order to avoid general theoretical presentations.Partners , Parents and Youngsters were enchanted.


On 30th of November 2022, FAJUB organized the multiplier event of the project Youth Escape Covid with 20 youth and youth workers. During the event, FAJUB presented the objectives and the results of the project and tested the Escape Room created and also the APP. The participants provided very positive feedback on the results and ensured us that they will use it in their future activities. 

Check the video of the event!


The multiplier event has been organised by Asociación DESES3 on 16th of November 2022 and involved 5 Local organisations active in the field of youth, edutainment, game-based learning and Sports.

The Multiplier event was aimed at the target audience of the Youth Escape Covid project, but it was also an important opportunity for participants deep in knowledges connected to Educational escape rooms and Cultural Heritage.

The event was leaded from Asociación by Fontana Enrico and Jonas Martin Vega as Speakers and presenters.

The event has been attended by 20 participants.

During the event, have been presented the Erasmus+ program, the “Youth Escape covid” project and its obtained results: The Escape rooms, the guide and the APP.

In fact it was possible to test the game YOUTH SAVE CULTURE, created within the YOUTH ESCAPE COVID project, experience educational escape rooms by Asociación Deses3, the YOUTH ESCAPE GAME app – released within the YEC project and take view of the guide.

The participants positively evaluated the results achieved by the project and the type of event created, especially the possibility of testing an escape room created within the project on site.


The multiplier’s main objective was to share the project’s intellectual outputs with a wider audience and increase awareness of its key goals. The multiplier event was held on January 23, 2023 at the university UCLan Cyprus.

To attract an audience SYNTHESIS used its personal contacts, along with sending emails and calling its network with individuals and organisations interested in the topic of social entrepreneurship and further. SYNTHESIS has an establish network of young people and used this network to promote the event.

On the day of the event, attendees first registered/signed in at the doors. 22 participants took part in the event, which lasted approximately three hours. During the event, SYNTHESIS presented Youth Escape Covid, introduced the partnership, shared the main objectives and outputs of the project, and discussed the local initiatives. The escape room procedure was also presented.


Multiplier event in Istanbul

We held our multiplier event with participants from various stakeholders. We started our event with the introduction of our project and then we started an interactive seminar on the topic of the project. Participants were fully engaged in the project and later they had opportunities to use our mobile app both in Android and IOS. The feedbacks were really satisfying and some teachers are eager to use this version in their lessons. They asked fort he version that could be use in K12 institutions.