Scout Society is an organization founded in 2011 with the primary goal of educating members of the local community through non-formal education to become active citizens in their local communities. The vision of our organization is to reach and positively influence as many people from our local community, country, and Europe.

Our main focus is on young people. Thus, the organization is constantly working with young people using non-formal methods and promoting multiculturalism and European principles, such as democracy, freedom of expression and human rights. However, in the last 5 years, we also started working with the adult population in our region. Our work ranges from designing activities for them to carrying out mix projects comprising activities which involve both young people and adults/seniors. These activities promote sport for all movement, look for developing, retrained courses and aim at a better integration of the adults in the community, while working continuously for developing their skills.

With regard to the structure of our organization, we have around 10 board members and more than 20 active volunteers and 80 members who activate occasionally for specific projects. Our members have extensive experience in working with NGOs, on average, 10 years of experience with NGOs, either local (ex. Students League C. Brancusi University), national (ex. National Organization of Romanian Scouts;) or international NGOs (ex. AIESEC, UNICEF). Additionally, they are experienced in organizing and implementing various projects, such as: ERASMUS+ KA1 (mobility of young people and youth worker mobility), Strategic Partnerships KA2, ERASMUS+ Sport Projects& national projects (using structural and other European funding, i.e., Norway funds). Furthermore, Scout Society members have a vast experience working as youth workers, project coordinators, facilitators, project writers, photographers, marketers and video editors, with remarkable abilities in digital, lobby & advocacy.

In addition to the value that our members bring to the organization, the partnerships that we’ve developed at local and national level contribute and bring real added value to all our projects, some of them being: Ministry of Youth and Sport in Romania (DJTS Gorj), Ministry of Labour (DGASPC Gorj), mayoralties (i.e., Târgu-Jiu), schools and universities (i.e., Constantin Brancusi University), NGOs (i.e.,
Romanian Scouts), sport clubs (i.e., Pandurii Football club) and other (i.e., Regional Touristic Centre).
Last, but not least, we are in the process of building our own Social Center where we will be able to host and implement projects.