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About the project

The vision of project “Youth Escape COVID” is: to create a highly innovative non-formal educational method & tool-using culture as a foundation in this endeavor, while the scope of the project is: to combat the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth in Europe in a creative and innovative way.

About US

Scout Society is an organization founded in 2011 with the primary goal of educating members of the local community through non-formal education to become active citizens in their local communities. The vision of our organization is to reach and positively influence as many people from our local community, country, and Europe.


Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa, a state university, was established in 2018 by being splitted from the oldest and the biggest University of Turkey, Istanbul University. The Higher Education Council has given this decision due the fact that Istanbul University had 311.078 students, of whom 73.214 were regular and 237.864 distance education students.
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SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is a pioneering organisation that initiates and implements projects of social impact, with a focus on social inclusion. SYNTHESIS is the leading organisation in the country in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation, with particular focus on how young people can gain entrepreneurial skills for responding to current and future workplace challenges.
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FAJUB – Federation of Youth Associations of Braga is an organization that politically represents the youth associations of the District of Braga both locally, nationally and internationally. FAJUB’s main position is to represent the youth associations of Braga in the meetings of the Municipal and National Councils and to defend the interests between the public and political powers of the youth associations movement.
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We are an organization that works with young and adult people, offering them opportunities of comprehensive training programs, while giving priority to those who are unemployed or have a cultural, social or economic disadvantage. We aim at social inclusion and thus provide the space and projects that will allow people to develop their social skills.
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Eufemia is an association for social promotion established in January 2010. We are a team of youth workers focused on youth mobility through Erasmus+, social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities, promoting active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.
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Cap Ulysse is a French training centre committed with several initiatives aimed at strengthening the European workforce. It has a strong knowledge of European project management (as coordinator and partner) and over it 13 years’ of experience on didactic innovation and work based learning for educational purposes on a European perspective.
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Training of Trainers

The goal of the activity was to equip youth workers and educators with the necessary skills to:

Understand the principles of gamification (including escape room), its added value in a cooperative context gamify a learning process.

Use the escape room methodology to include learning content in the game using culture and cultural domains.

Multiplier events

To ensure the project results reach a wider audience, each partner organized a multiplier event in their respective communities.

These events were aimed at showcasing the outcomes of the project and spreading awareness about the work that was done.

Ultimately, the multiplier events played a crucial role in disseminating the project’s results and creating a lasting impact in the community.

Kick-off meeting

We are pleased to announce that we met in person between 20/06/2021 – 23/06/2021 in Targu Jiu.

The meeting was implemented in Romania by Scout Society.

Second meeting

The meeting took place in Turin, Italy between 13th – 19th October.

We planed the upcoming development of the Methodology, guide and toolkit of multimodal escape rooms in interdisciplinary context, grounded on the foregoing results.

Third meeting

On 28th and 29th of April, the partners of Youth Escape Covid met for the third time!

The partners from Romania, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal and France, spent 2️ days in Istanbul, presenting the Escape Rooms created and the functions of the app which will help youth workers to generate their own educational escape rooms.

Fourth meeting

The meeting took place in Portugal, hosted by FAJUB.

The agenda of the meeting included a general discussion about the cooperation, the challenges faced, and the opportunities for future improvement, followed by the presentation, discussion, and approval of the project Final Evaluation Report.