Fourth meeting – Portugal

The Final Evaluation Meeting will take place in the premises of the partner organization FAJUB (Portugal) at the end of Month 23 of the project. The purposes of the meeting will be to arrive at a final assessment circa the overall quality of the cooperation and of project success (discussion and approval of Final Evaluation Plan). In the meeting, partner organizations will start planning the follow-up of the project, meant as its continuation in other connected areas/sectors through new proposals, as well as define the specific instruments/strategies of sustainability to be put in place, based on a proposal of Sustainability Plan presented by the Portuguese partner FAJUB. The agenda of the meeting will therefore be the following: – General discussion about the cooperation, the challenges faced and the opportunities for future improvement – Presentation, discussion and approval of project Final Evaluation Report – Discussion and approval of project Sustainability Plan – Brainstorming over follow-up through further project proposals.